Emotional Moments in Tennis. Part 1

Competitive sport is a roller coaster of emotions, especially individual sport. Players are looked up to, idolized and are expected to keep their emotions in check but sometimes it is difficult to hold back – They are human after all. Here’s looking back to some of the most emotional

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Euro Archives: The Underdogs Everyone Wanted Beaten

It was one of the greatest Underdog achievements in International football. It was the greatest moment for the Greece National Football Team. Greece, a country that struggled in International football for over 20 years were crowned the champions of Europe. However, this was not the usual underdog

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Murray Prevails First Round Marathon

The opening match to Roland Garros 2016 between no.2 seed Andy Murray and 129 ranked Radek Stepanek on Monday was a highly turbulent and a fierce duel which saw changes in pace, shifts in momentum and even a one day delay in the completion of the match.

The match started with a strong opening by the

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Top 10 of the finest strategic wins

F1 is not all about wheel to wheel racing and overtaking maneuvers. Degrading tyres, differing fuel loads and various other factors come into play which decide the outcome of a race and allow a racer to pass his opponents not just by the way of traditional overtaking on the track. This is the world

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Top 10 French Open Upsets Of All Time

With the commencement of RG’16 EssentiallySports  counts down the ten most stunning Roland Garros results of all time. Some occurred early in the tournament, some late, but all were surprises.

#10 1996: Agassi upset by Woodruff

For the second time in three years, Agassi was dumped in the second

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